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Dr. Greene's Mattress

Better For Your Mind and Body

**PRODUCTS CURRENTLY DISCONTINUED (unfortunately, as these were some of my best sellers) - ONLY A FEW LEFT IN STOCK

Better For Your Mind and Your Body.

When your head hits the pillow, you can rest easy knowing that every feature of Dr. Greene’s Mattress is scientifically designed to address the most common sleep problems.

Choose quality before novelty.

We get it. No one has time to make overwhelming shopping trips for their mattress, but other box-delivery mattresses make you sacrifice quality of sleep for the novelty of a cute box. We’re setting out to create a mattress that’s designed from a consumer’s point of view combined with service that guarantees convenience and cost-effectiveness. Check out Dr. Greene's mattress options at and then call me, Lauren, at 912-602-5009 for my best price! Come in to lay on and pick one up, or I can have one shipped directly to your house! Enjoy the mattress risk-free for 100 nights.

Comfort Without Compromise

The same unique copper conforming technology used by athletes for pain relief is layered in the mattress in order to promote cooling and rejuvenation. Multiple zones of comfort and support within the conforming foam evenly distribute your body’s weight and makes every minute of sleep count.

The comfort zones take weight off your hips and shoulders meaning fewer uncomfortable pressure points that cause tossing and turning. While the enhanced support for your neck and lower back keep your body properly aligned through the night so you wake up with less pain.

Sleep Cooler When You Sleep Outside the Box

Other mattresses leave you spending all night kicking the covers off to cool down. However, Dr. Greene’s Mattress has a special cool touch fabric ensuring you sleep soundly by lowering your body’s temperature to optimum levels for deeper sleep.

Our scientific layering of cooling gel, rejuvenating copper and moisture wicking fabric works like a dream as it actually pulls heat and humidity away from the body while the gel inside the layers of conforming foam also keeps your body temperature regulated all night.

The Green Team Charitable Fund

The Greene Team Charitable Fund provides free healthcare, disaster recovery and humanitarian aid to communities affected by disasters throughout the world.Often times quality emergency aid and healthcare is not readily available when disasters strike communities.Whether it be earthquakes in Haiti, hurricanes in New Orleans or New York or tornados in Dallas, disaster victims require attention.The Greene Team Charitable Fund was established to provide free disaster recovery and healthcare to those affected by natural disaster.Dr. Craig Greene and his team of volunteers and professional healthcare providers are able to set up mobile medical units quickly and supply urgent care when needed.

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100 Harrison Lane 
Brunswick, GA 31520

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