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Consider this as an investment in your health - This is THE LAST BED you will ever need.  "How?" you ask.  Every piece is completely modular.  Not only does it have a 25 year warranty, so you are covered for quite some time...BUT do you want new foam layers on top?  Do you need a new cover?  Or perimiter foam?  New tubing?  Whatever you need, you can replace.  It will last forever as each part can always be replaced to make it new again!  What other bed can offer this? :)

Personal Comfort R13 (Rejuvenation Series)

$5,399.00 Regular Price
$3,599.00Sale Price
  • ***Call for BEST Price***

    Compares to Sleep Number® i10 bed. The Rejuvenation Series number bed mattress give you the ability to adjust your level of comfort and provides rejuvenation benefits to help revive your body through out the night.

    The Rejuvenation Series models are made up of a copper infused Energex comfort layer, an air flow comfort layer and a support layer. The cover is an ultra-stretch, temperature neutralizing, smooth top panel. Also includes our new, poly blend, ultra-flex air chambers.

    These models come standard with our fully digital state-of-the-art pump system with built-in Bluetooth to allow smartphone connectivity to the mattress. All of our pump systems use a medically recognized pressure scale with 45 unique number settings, from 5 to 50. Our 2-Zone technology allows complete individualized personalization.