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Carefully curated brands, delivering luxurious quality, longevity, and value.  From the latest in "smart" adjustable beds and bases to traditional beds, bedding, and accessories.

Why should you book a showing?

With over 7 years of experience, I have learned that individuals need their time to make a good mattress decision.  Some customers have special needs.  Most want minimal distractions without sales pressure.  Offering appointment based mattress shopping gives individuals a calm environment to shop in.   


Golden Isles Mattress will you provide you with a concierge level meeting, when it is convenient for you.  I, Lauren, a sleep system professional, will provide you with a focused and uninterrupted consult, where you can select the perfect, premium sleep solution at a substantial savings.​


PLEASE always call for best pricing.  Many prices listed on my website are much higher than I can quote you over the phone, or even better - in person.  I look forward to helping you find quality mattresses and accessories at a GREAT price! 

The only Adjustable Air Bed offered in the Golden Isles.


The Perfect Bed for Couples.

45 Levels of Comfort, True Dual Adjustability and Flex-Head™ Design

Personal Comfort® Bed is the best product at the very best price.



Watch the Side-By-Side Comparison of the Personal Comfort R13 versus the Sleep Number i10 bed.

Featured Brands

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BT6500 Adjustable Base by BedTech
BedTech Adjustable Bases
DreamFit Sheets
CordaRoy's Logo
CordaRoy's Bean Bag
Heritage Logo

I must say I am very impressed with the lines GIM has to a previous customer of other TOP name brand mattresses, I feel you sell yourself short by not getting out looking and seeing what is available, and in your hometown. The big box stores may have quantity but your small town business GIM is where my forever choice will be.

Karen Gregory

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